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Chasing your dream | Portrait session

Recently, I got a message on my Instagram account from a young lady who was interested in a fashion editorial photoshoot. That’s not what I do normally, as I’m more about newborn/maternity/family photography. However, her story and her current project couldn’t help but amazed me.

Haley Godin is attending college for Accounting now while working part-time at Tim Hortons, but her heart and soul is given to modeling and beauty industry. She decided to chase her dream and started building her modeling portfolio. Haley spends hours every day practicing her face expressions, poses and different makeup styles. She contacted a dozen of local photographers about a photo session for her and got a lot of help, support and free sessions.

I couldn’t say no to this brave young girl. We decided to try something romantic and feminine as a theme. I found the perfect location for our session, which was Verger Belliveau Orchard in Memramcook, the apple trees were in full bloom at the time.

Before the session, I gave her instructions on hairstyles, makeup looks and outfits, and Haley took all my ideas to create the look according to my vision. On the drive to the photo shoot we talked a lot to get to know each other, and she told me about the beginning of her modeling journey. Haley told me about her previous photo shoots with some local photographers, and that every day she is looking for new photographers, fashion designers, hairstylist, makeup artists and even models; to have some contacts for photo shoots and meet new people that she could eventually work with.

The session was taken during the golden hour and I loved how the soft light of sunset met soft features of my pretty model. We had a great time together teaching and learning from each other.

“Every day, I constantly look at the modeling and photography groups that I joined on Facebook for model calls, new photographers, meet other models, and I read every new post to make sure I do not miss anything. Being in front of the camera makes me feel good and more confidant, seeing the finished photos has got me speechless each time. Ever since I recently created a Facebook modeling page, I've received a lot of support from my friends, family, photographers and even other models which I am extremely grateful for.”

You can follow Haley Godin on Facebook and see her other sessions. It’s actually amazing to see pictures of one model made by different artists with their different style and vision of her.

And as for me, Haley, I wish you good luck in your modeling journey! You’ve been a great inspiration for me and reminded me of this truth - never give up, follow your heart and chase your dreams and you will get there eventually!

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