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"Hot Air Balloon" (version 1) Cake Smash session | Moncton baby photographer

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

There were so many fun first birthday sessions in the studio this month, including Archer’s hot air balloon cake smash! This blue-eyed cutie won the THEMED CAKE SMASH GIVEAWAY a few weeks back. Yes, my giveaways are so worth to participate in!

The parents got super excited when I offered this hot air balloon theme in pastel colors. I am sure every boy loves hot air balloons. I wanted to keep it simple but colourful as well. I also found this aviator hat for Archer, and he looked so adorable in it! I’m definitely going to keep it in the studio for future sessions. 

Our cake smash sessions started with some non-messy portraits. Oh, how handsome Archer looked with his bow-tie! The second part was the actual cake smash.

This sweet boy did such an amazing job of eating and smashing his cake. Compliments to Creations Made By Jessica for making it so irresistible!

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