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Natalia and Andrey | Couple session

Today I want to share with you some love. I photographed this gorgeous couple several weeks ago in Moncton downtown, New Brunswick. We agreed during our preshoot consultation that they are more a city couple - dynamic, active and funny. That is why I proposed downtown streets and corners to have professional pictures taken.

They showed up in all smiles wearing fantastic outfits. Custom made leather tie and suspenders which Andrey created specially for this session left me in awe. Natalia’s deep blue incredible dress made everyone look at her in amazement. The moment I saw them I realized that the session would be outstanding.

We spent several minutes in Starbucks chitchatting and sipping some coffee. And then we hit downtown streets. Natalia and Andrey were married for a while and we spoke about how they met, their wedding day and other things which brought that happy and dreamy smile on their lips. They were so cute and radiant, that people on the streets gave them cheers and congratulations along the way.

They rocked their session, they were super stars! I’m sure you will see it in the pictures below.

And while I was writing this post, I saw on Facebook that Natalia has a birthday today. My warmest congratulations to you, Natalia. You have incredible personality and together with Andrei you are a such amazing couple. Guess what gift Andrey secretly made for her. That’s a crazy huge leather wallet in a Game of Thrones theme. Just wow!

By the way these guys are very talented designers of high-quality handmade leather accessories such as bags, bracelets, wallets, cardholders, jewelry pieces. Check out their DodoLeather store at


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