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Twins Lillie-Rose and Lexie-Mae - 12 days new | Moncton/ Atlantic Canada newborn photographer

Like many people, I get super excited whenever I meet twins! These precious girls were so sweet and tiny. Lillie-Rose was 5 Pounds 8 oz and Lexie-Mae even less - 4 pounds 10 oz.

The session started with wrapped poses. They loved being wrapped up nice and cozy and looked so pretty in pink. Since they were identical twins, Mom wanted similar props and decor for her baby girls. She brought these gorgeous headbands to the studio I was happy to use.

Newborn twins identical girls session babies photographer Moncton Canada studio Irina Art Photography

They definitely favored each other but also had their own defining personalities. Lexie-Mae was smaller and wasn’t too interested in sleeping. Patience is key with photographing newborns. This holds even more true for newborn twins. Working with two babies takes much more time than working with one, obviously. 

If one is fast asleep and the other is feeding, that’s a great time to get some solo shots. If the other babe finishes eating and is super sleepy, add them in and knock out some together snuggle shots.

This was my favorite photo of their session. It is just the sweetest.

The bond between these two was magnificent. They were so happy, so comfortable when next to one another.

The girls were rock stars, but just look at those lucky parents! I can only imagine how much fun those babies will have. Twice the cuteness, double the fun! 

Twin sessions can be double the work but in the end, they’re more than worth it, because every great image shows you double the love. I really enjoyed the chance to photograph twins when the wonderful opportunity arose – what greatness to have two little bundles of joy!

Now booking fall due dates. If you are interested in a session, contact me today.


Irina Art Photography

Professional and experienced photographer who is specialized and trained in Newborn Photography.

Rated one of the top 3 best Babies Photographers in Moncton in 2019/2020.

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