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Tea Party Cake Smash session outdoors (the theme is available only in studio version)

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

I love creating unique First birthday sessions! I have been dreaming about creating a tea party theme for a long time now. And it turned out so marvelous!

I found the cutest children's tea set at a flea market. Selena was so fascinated with those teacups with tiny bears on them. Instead of having a traditional birthday cake we decided to go with pancakes and it was a wonderful idea. Selena definitely enjoyed her first taste of pancakes… and we enjoyed her funny faces while she was trying them. I just loved watching the excitement of this sweet girl. I enjoyed the smiles and hugs she gave me. And if you thought that wasn’t enough fun for one day! Scroll down to see more!

How about some beauty sleep on a cute princess bed after such a joyful tea party. Then again, who could think about napping when you get to play with pearls! These were adorable moments.

And of course, since we were having a big cake smash session outdoors, family pictures came next. I always encourage parents to take advantage of this big package and have a family session after a cake smash part. Look how wonderfully those pictures turned out. I'm sure they will cherish those moments forever.

Book your baby's cake smash session. The first birthday is a HUGE milestone – they have grown and learned so much in one short year. Who doesn’t deserve some cake for all of that hard work?!

These sessions are so much fun! Especially outdoor cake smash sessions, when we are not limited by studio space. I will create a custom-designed set or even two to make it unique and reflect the personality of your baby. And to make even more exciting, the family session is included in the package. How awesome is this!

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